Wednesday, February 21, 2018

COMMENTS on the story: Virtue & Moir 2 play tribute 2 Gord Downey as a statement to Canada

The source of the HUFFPOST story:

Oh heavenly devine angels to share an ode to Canadians so proud!

Thank you for this wonderful tribute

that shows our character as a nation

we stand together

one and all.

We unite together

across many divisive factors other geographies cannot comprehend

Being at peace with our neighbor,

reach out a hand if you feel it is needed.

The reaching hand of humanity, no divisive color or race or defining character

is allowed to belong

It is the faith of this one nation that seems to send a ray of hope

shining brightly from the inside

with pride [ not ego ] humanitarian peace and a kinder world

void of catastrophe or calamity or violence

With the unified strength and ability to reach out a hand to the world

as naturally as we've learned to live together.

In a peaceful, proud nation, of diverse peoples and bruised history

we will always stand together

when it is time to step up and say:

(NOT this country or that culture or some race)


Creating a future for our children and their children

to build upon the foundation of the strength

we've relied upon.

Not infallible, without human shame, and all other unimaginables

Yet that sense of optimism that joins us all

For all of US command!

xo Jeannette

Friday, January 26, 2018

Do opposites attract?

Or, are we more alike than we’d like to think?

Place a ball or stick in a boy’s hands and out pops his basic instinct to hit with it .... like a club.

He could resort to cheering on a fight Or loyally brave watching it with hi-fives.

Threaten a girl in any way you may find she is a lot stronger than she looks.

Many men failed to recognize a strong mind can out power physical strength.

Both have power.

In a perfect world, a woman would be promoted on performance not sucked into

the downward spiral she can’t possibly win.

Gassed by toxic surroundings, choking and gasping for breath

from the draft of sexual harassment or competive alpha female foes.

What is most amazing is what females are equally guilty of:

Jumping into offensive mode

Quick judgement judge of character: when s#*@ hits the fan

A sales mentor is your best champion 

Virginia Garrosino was the most high-ranking mentor I ever had.

My largest client in the digital print management world was worth 50 percent of my annual sales.

My relationship with Virginia evolved more out of curiosity on her part than anything else: who was this little upstart in Calgary turning the branch upside down after she sent our Bill Gates twin named Thomas [fictionalized name] the Alberta Sales Manager who was charged with assessing what was going on.  Thor was givin the instruction to fire me and instead he took me for a beer to have a chat.

When I showed up for work by my typical 7:45~8:45am arrival timeframe, a few jaws dropped because rumour had it I was going to be fired the day before.

Virginia was curioser and curiousness enveloped her to get to know me since she wanted to sharpen her own judgment radar since the logic that was contiously reinforced the second time when she may have made an error in judgement.  I think it was because two folks from opposite spectrums had plenty to say of me.

In an unusual approach in relationship building, I had actually made the recommendation to go to market.  The response earned an invitation to the table of the RFF.

     = request for proposal 

Which means you have been invited to the song and dance to win a contract to have exclusive service agreement.

Thom was in his element, the roll up your shirt sleeves and going on the offensive to win it.

I knew my customer.

I knew the operation, the players and the numbers.

I started creating spreadsheets, a very arduous task when you think of 500 accounts all bundled in a big brother time management exercise like Goldmine.

Even then it wasn’t obvious on how important forecasting was to most people.  I started thinking in 3 month increments.

Virginia came to Calgary and her E A set up meetings, stating she would like me to make reservations for lunch.

The interesting thing, no there are too many interesting things not to share: her background in HR (Human Resources who were covered by elegant, poised, intelligent women with a very firm and business first commitment.

One thing she said at a very dicey situation belonging to my biggest account:  we’d f”@&=% up.  Wisdom abound: everyone makes mistake but it is how you react at the moment is what you become reputed to be.  So,yes, I buckled down and steered through turbulent waters to achievement and acclaim.

Virginia was smart enough to take the time to get to know me, asking me how I could be so successful in sales with 3 small kids at home.

It was easy.  I had wonderful care for my kids so that I could escape for the day in the world of sales then waltz through the door, slip out the back with running shoes and headset pumping upbeats while I went through the decompression phase that men had been doing for eras, not merely years.

It was like I was playing hookey from doing laundry, cleaning toilets and dusting to a continuous shine.  I got to go learn new things daily and converse with people all day.

This all came to mind after watching Canadian political drama for the past 24 hours, watching this evening’s news unfold: the Ontario provincial ruling party at risk to a complete about face that happened in my own province Alberta and more recently about spin in British Columbia Premier ousted.

The brief clip on the matter allowed me to come to this conclusion.

The interim Conservative [REF: US politics “Republican”] party leader will go far in Canadian: he stepped into it because it was needed for the good of a number of people rather than how it would impact him personally.

The risk is greater to an individual than a group.  
Yet the greatest leaders take the risk alone, taking full responsibility 
For the good or the bad
Emerging victorious 
When knowing how to make good judgment calls
Is a gift and characteristic that is rare.

~Jeannette Marshall 

Monday, January 22, 2018

A Tale of Two Silos

"Stray the course every once in a while.  Be innovative and a creative thinker."
~Jeannette Marshall

It has occurred to me that so many of the world”s woe would be mended and solved into a peaceful Utopia of world reviving the sun and our major offtime is shrouded in darkness,  probably fine for the fewer nocturnal humans - if we stopped “if” or “either” “or” one or the other of just about anything.

Brilliance would abound if companies stopped either your the doers or the workerBees.

I’ll show a third component strongly urged to consider: remove the worst factor in most employees’ minds: to fall onto either heep where the “either” is the most repulsive to you xx you never hear the good news first in an either or situation.  

Thinks about it as you take a few deep breaths: I am just guessing without any evidence, just instinct with logic stealing my course.

I reported to an executive once who’s favourite directive, delivered with flourish would say: “Stay the course!”

In the end meaning either you produce OR perish was the sizzle amongst all that steak where you were a workerBEE or you are a DOer.

Looking back now, I’ve had this attraction to reading my RECOMMENDATIONS on +LinkedIn when I’m going through turbulent waters whether Work or Personal life.  One of my former colleague wrote one for me stating that I “stay the course” just now realizing it.

In general, in life there are the matches by culture, upbringing, beliefs of multitude categories and sub sections which spread out as waves upon the ocean making it infinitely more possible that no two opinions match, merely bounced off one and another of either conflict or harmony.

Taking this as a hypothetical example, either seem to be in a state of either conflict or chaos with the longing for harmony.  By bringing in a third element infused with technology you are more likely to thrive.

I’ve bounced from a DOer to a workerBEE and fell into a cultural shock.  Not really too bad unless you’ve acted like a queen before the high/nose dive into the pit.

Injecting a hyper performer among coasters or followers can create havoc.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A very unmotherly sentiment

Just great.
Thanks A-lot!
Good on ya.
Niccccccccccce (c's sound like "ssss")

And all that jazz

It isn't enough that I'm having trouble sleeping, I log online and start surfing and reading.  Sleep disorder specialists recommend you stay especially away from computers.  Well, the Solitaire was hypnotic, but didn't make me sleepier.  I'm dog gone tired!

Read this:  Made to feel like a bad mother for not having a job

I wasn't coming to read about being a loser, I came here to get some grainage in me:  i.e.  information.  

What I want for Mother's Day (you can get a T-shirt)

These days, as one is almost feeling like they are drowning as life whirls around and like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz except my Toto is Buddy, a gal's best friend.  

My favorite series that I just gobbled up has been Curb Your Enthusiasm with the immensely popular creator of "Seinfelt" bumblings and confrontations brought to the forefront so many of our failings with expectations, rules, conventions, even poking fun at his own religion in equal doses of jabs to the Catholic community.  With wit and taste, I might add.  Sometimes quirky, sometimes unrelateable for a gal from Calgary, Canada yet at other times like glimpsing a twin! 

Then I get some notice, perhaps a share from somewhere on this article, inspiring a share.  Quite the controversial topic if you ask me.  Have a look/read:  

Then I get a notice that someone added me to a list that had "pre-launch" in it so I had to Tweet to find out what the dealio is, to coddle my curious mind (yeah, I know, at 2:30am what can possibly be more curious than a pillow ).

This whole cycle started by me sharing this article on "MYnewsSTORYofTHEday" board on Pinterest:

Which then happens to land me that article on loser moms, and then inspired me to follow this DIGITAL312 on Pinterest because of their plethora of exceptional collections for a knowledge junkie like me.

I had taken a breather from writing (which I like to think I write on a blog, since I don't get paid to be a Blogger, lol - bitter are we?)

A lot of things have been going on in my offline world or "in real life" that has sidetracked me.  I still find it difficult to talk about so it makes sense that I've avoided writing.

I've been inspired by the number of new followers of late I've been having on YUPPYdom on Wordpress, a real devoted crew of misfits and wonder kinds.

So maybe this is like popping the cork off a little later than New Year's ..... which is normal when one is grasping at straws to remain positive and focused.

On what you say?

It is obvious, I say?

Say what?

I was gonna say:

I don't wanna be a loser mother.